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Norton 360 says my home network is suspicious

For the past 2 days, I have been getting popups from Norton 360 saying my home wifi network (which i have been using with Norton for the past year) is now suspicious.  

my question:

•  How can I disable the annoying "use my Norton 360 VPN advertisement" pop-ups?  I have been using a different VPN for years and do not want to use Norton's VPN.

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Re: Norton 360 says my home network is suspicious

Try going into the Norton 360 app and disabling any automatic connection settings for the VPN feature.

If that does not stop the messages, then I see no way to stop the messages.

Although the detection of your network as suspicious could be related to a recent update to your Norton or your device's OS. What device and OS version are you using? 

Reinstalling your Norton 360 may help with this detection issue. Uninstall 360, restart your device and then reinstall 360 and test. This has helped others that had similar network detections.

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