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Incorrect error on Android

Because Norton 360's "Auto VPN" never turned itself on, and always unpredictably turned itself off, when I was overseas, I bought Express VPN (about $8/year) and installed it on all of my devices (Windows, Apple and Android) to be safe.

Unlike Norton VPN, Express VPN works perfectly.

So, it's running now on my Android phone.  But Norton continually pops up "is compromised" popups, telling me I should turn on Norton VPN.  

Well, I'm not going to do that!  Norton VPN is VERY unreliable, so I want to continue using Express VPN without bogus screen-blocking alerts telling me my network isn't secure on my phone.

How can I stop these alerts?


Grandpa of Loba



Re: Incorrect error on Android

Try tapping on the three bars at the top left of the Norton screen, then tapping Settings > Security. The turn off Suspicious Network Alerts. That should resolve your problem.

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