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Data Protector keeps blocking executable even though it is listed on exclusion list


(This is a follow-up to because of not being able to uploading logs there for more than 3 months. Neither via NortonMAT (admin not able to access data) nor upload to the forum thread (AJAX HTTP error occurred). Very frustrating. Trying to upload logs here upfront.)

I have an executable that is triggered by an SVN source code client on updating the working copy, a so-called hook script, implemented as executable (.exe) rather than a true script. The hook is triggered each time the working copy shall be updated. The hook's job is to set some file's time stamp to the original time stamp when the file initially got added to the repository, i.e. the executable modifies some file's time stamps.

Norton 360 Data Protector detects this as "suspicious process has tried to modify the attributes of a Data Protecter protected file" (translated from German) and blocks the hook's executable. So far so good. I then added the executable to the exclusion list [Antivirus > Data Protector > Excluded Processes]. Still good.

But then, even after having restarted the system, Norton360 Data Protector still blocks the hook's executable. I think this is a bug in Data Protector.

The only way to circumvent this is to disable all file extensions for Data Protector [Antivirus > Data Protector > File Types].


  • This screenshot shows subsequent blockings. The screenhot clearly shows that Norton "knows" the process is on the exclusion list, indicated by [Aus Ausnahmen entfernen] = [Remove from exclusions].
  • This screenshot shows that the process in question indeed is listed.

Please fix ASAP, or let me know how to work around this issue.

Norton 360 on Windows 10 21H2.


PS: Tried to upload the .sbdz/.zip log as "<FileName>.zip[is_the_true_extension].pdf", but again failed:

An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
HTTP Result Code: 503
Debugging information follows.
Path: /en/file/ajax/field_file_attachment/und/form-EZGuV6mhJXmSynO2JEAZqb1HKTbZjtOhtOVR84MNY3E
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Details: cache-fra-eddf8230126-FRA 1678822840 1069446883
Varnish cache server



Re: Data Protector keeps blocking executable even though it is listed on exclusion list

I am sorry, but the bugs in this forum really makes it hard to achieve what a user wants. Now I unintentionally created the same thread twice (this one and where both threads surprisingly have the .zip attached as .pdf even though an "AJAX HTTP error occurred".

Note that this thread has the Application Blocking, Windows 10 labels whereas misses them.

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