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Update Problem with Edge

When running a scan, it eventually goes to the program update.  

Programs Requiring Attention:  It quits trying to update Edge - says "Need to close program."  The program is closed.  What gives?

Other Programs:  Bunch of Office programs are listed but there is no way to execute - Exclude and Update buttons are grayed out.  Again, what gives?



Re: Update Problem with Edge

In cases like this with Microsoft products, simply open the programs that need updating.  Some will update themselves automatically and some you may need to update manually.  Just update through the actual program, rather than Norton.

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Re: Update Problem with Edge

I also think that Edge, by default, will stay open but minimized to the system tray area on the right end of the taskbar. It stays out of view unless you take a peek at all the programs that are starting up on the system. Right-click on the tiny Edge icon in there and close it anytime you receive one of those messages.

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