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Feature Suggestions for VPN and Password Manager

Since Norton has a lot of experience with security solutions I was considering switching to it for three features. Cloud Storage, Password Manager and VPN. From my current solutions there are some things still missing though that make me unable to switch.

When it comes to VPN I was wondering if there will be an extension at some point? I am mainly using my current VPN to browse safe through the web and need the split tunneling feature website specific not app specific. I would appreciate an extension that makes this possible.

The password manager on the other hand is already pretty good. 2 Things could improve it further though. First is a faster way to generate passwords. Currently you have to open the addon menu and then go into a sub menu to open the password manager on a new tab page. LastPass makes this easy by having it as an immediate option in the addon menu without having to open a new tab.

The second problem is the password manager icon. When using a dark color scheme on the browser and/or on websites this icon can be hard to see. A better way would be by using a yellow background like Norton uses it normally for their brand or the way it is handled on websites with a white border which does make it visible but in my opinion not perfect. Another option is to give users the option to choose form different icon appearances like it is possible with LastPass.



Re: Feature Suggestions for VPN and Password Manager

...A faster way to generate passwords... +1 !!