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customer service

How do I contact Norton customer service in the United States? I have been having a problem for 2 months now and have called the support line numerous times. No on in India seems to be able to do anything. They say they are going to research the problem and call back at a certain date and time. The call either never happens or if I do get a call back it is NOT within the specified time I was told.

When I do get someone, they have no idea what is going on even though I give the the case number. The again I am given a time period and they call days or a week after the scheduled time. I keep getting automated emails that Norton could not reach me and could not leave a message. I respond to the email and get another one saying they called. I have record of all incoming and outgoing calls and none are from Norton.

I got a call today, Easter Sunday as we were walking out the door. I had explicitly told them what number to call and they call my cell phone. he I tell them to read the case number, they tell me they did and showed no other number. Twice I gave the number to them while on the phone. Seems nothing is being documented and no one reads the case history.

They tell me they have no contact numbers at Norton corporate.



Re: customer service

my experience is simular, they will either play the "not co-operating" claim if you dare expect help or any answer, or dont answer there script

or you get the teach me spelling class, i.e. your name and or email followed by spell it than say it in more code mumbo jumbo

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