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Add VPN toggle off/on shortcut to the mynorton icon

On 2-8-21, I requested on this Forum that Norton add an on/off toggle for VPN to the My Norton shortcut.  Since that date, I have NEVER received a response back from anyone at Norton (Original 2021 request::

So, here I go again with my simple request:.

The shortcut currently has quick access to several features, including the Disable Auto Protect and Turn on Silent Mode toggles.  How difficult would it be for Norton to add a simple on/off toggle for VPN? 

Why am I requesting this?:   The IMAP for my email program only recognizes my unique IP address.  If the my email program is opened after Norton VPN is turned on, an email error message is received, because it will not accept any VPN IP addresses.

So, prior to opening my email account, VPN must be turned off, so that I can log into my email account.  Once logged on, VPN can again be turned on.  This is a never ending story that continues throughout the day.  I'm sure there are thousands of other Norton subscribers who would appreciate an on/off toggle being added to the My Norton shortcut.

How complicated is this modification?  How long would it take to it add to the program?  Once completed, it could easily be sent to all customers in an update.

Why won't Norton AT LEAST respond to me and explain why they won't implement this simple upgrade that would benefit thousands of subscribers!!  

I am optimistic that there is someone in Norton who might actually care about a long time customer's request.  At least, a short note as to why they can't/won't make this simple upgrade.



Re: Add VPN toggle off/on shortcut to the mynorton icon

In your original request, it was suggested that you make a post in the Product Suggestions forum board. I see you chose not to do that, which is unfortunate, because that is one board that the Norton employees will look at for product suggestions. 

Also unfortunately, you will not receive any feedback on suggestions made. If you check that board you will see that there are many, many requests for feature add ons. Just because a suggestion is made does not mean that Norton will see any value in any given suggestion. If they added everything that was asked for, the computers would be so bogged down just to run the Norton product.

Maybe this time you will make a post to the Product Suggestions board

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