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Norton business announcement. Norton continues to Go Boldly

I want to share my perspective on the decision to separate Symantec into two companies: the Information Management business, and the Information Security business, which includes Norton. I was fortunate to be able to participate in many of the strategic discussions around these decisions and am convinced that there is a great market opportunity for both of these businesses. However, I also strongly believe that we can best capture the opportunity by operating as two companies, enabling each company to better focus on addressing customer needs to deliver more impactful customer experiences. Taking this decisive step forward now will enable each business to maximize its potential. Setting up the Information Management business will be complex and take many months, but there should be minimal impact on the operations of the Norton business.

The Norton business will remain an important and equal component of the Symantec Security company. Norton continues to be critical to our tens-of-millions of consumers in protecting their devices, identities, and digital lives. We will continue to invest and innovate on our core protection capabilities and how our customers and small businesses experience our products while enrolling and using Norton security services. This will allow Symantec even more focus on what we do best, providing the best customer experience with our Norton security products.  This news does not impact current Norton products, services or licenses.

I believe that this is an important and positive step forward for both the Security and Information Management businesses.

Go Boldly,
Fran Rosch