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Will 16.5 patch install automatically?

I've read about all the rebooting needed for installing the 16.5 patch and I'm okay with that, but my parents also run NIS 2009 and I don't want to really have to explain to them the steps to install 16.5.

The last two updates to 2009 installed by themselves on their machines (one XP and one Visa), will 16.5 do so as well?



Re: Will 16.5 patch install automatically?

I haven't received it yet so I have no idea exacly how it goes, but it'll probably ask you to reboot, so the only thing they'll have to do is reboot the pc few times..... nothing complicated....
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Re: Will 16.5 patch install automatically?

Hi Morac,

The 16.5 update will install itself without any user intervention. (except for the "normal" rebooting or shutting down of the computer)

Last evening I performed a manual "Run Live Update" when the announcement was made and I viewed the summary, first noticing the fall back engine which required a restart and shortly thereafter the 16.5 update which required a restart.

I let my wife's computer to perform this on it's own. She reports not noticing any reboot request. A few minutes ago, she restarted her computer and we knew that the 16.5 update was being installed due to the desktop taking just a bit longer to settle in and the Norton systray icon taking longer to load. After checking Help & Support > About, NIS had updated itself to

So, as long as your parents shut off their computer on a daily basis or perform an occasional restart, the update will take care of itself.

Perhaps you should just tell them that an update will be arriving and at some point their desktop and NIS icon take a bit longer to settle in. Nothing to be concerned about - it just probably indicates they have been updated.

Hope that helps.

PS: The desktop and Norton icon "settling in" issue will not occur again after the installation.

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