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My important files have been backed up?

Norton tells me my important files have been backed up and gives me the file path. Being the skeptical sort of guy I am, how may I verify this? 


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Re: My important files have been backed up?

Hi vz.

Whether you are a sceptic or not you should check this out, not only to confirm to your satisfaction that it has backed up the files you want preserved but also to ensure you know how to restore them if necessary.  

I would suggest that the best way to do this it to look at the "Restore" feature.  With that you can look through all the baked up files to selelect which ones you want to restore.  So rummage around until you are confident that all you expect to be there, are there.  Then select one or more files and restore it to your computer.  You will be given the option of restoring it to the original location (where it is likely to overwrite the original if it is still there) or to a new site (which is best for a test).  Once the restore has finished check the restored file and make sure it is as you would wish.

I hope that helps and that you find what you hoped you would find.


Re: My important files have been backed up?

Thanks much. My file was indeed backed up.

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