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Multiple e-mail accounts for single user

My child has to e-mail accounts, one for personal and the other for signing up for things.  I'd like to be able to monitor both accounts and list them in her profile.  That way, I can track if she is using the "other" address on additional things like myspace, etc.  Any advice?  I've tried to add both addresses on the same e-mail line in the profile section, but it isn't accepting.



Re: Multiple e-mail accounts for single user

You should be able to enter an additional email address as "other private information" in the profile.

However, please note that if you enter email addresses in the child's personal info, and then select the "turn on personal protection" checkbox, The child will be unable to use either email address to register, becuase this information will be blocked.

If the concern is with social networks, the email address used to register the account will be recorded when the child logs in to the website, and that will be available for review under the social networking page in the settings area.

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