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Thank You

After a several years of not using Norton products, I am back. Norton 360 is better than the old version of Norton Internet Security (I also have Norton Utilities). I did a full scan with Norton 360 and it found the problem and removed a generic Trojan from my computer..Now my computer is safe and Thank You.

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Re: Thank You

Welcome to the forums and for returning to Norton products!

The well known range of Norton Antivirus / Norton Internet Security / Norton 360 were replaced a while ago with totally new products all now called Norton Security with Standard / Deluxe / Premium added to indicate the number of devices they can be used on (it depends on the market region but in the USA and Canada for example it's 1 / 5 / 10 devices which are not restricted to Windows but cover iOS and Android as well as Windows. the Premium product also has a chunk of free OnLine Storage added to it for backing up.

The old ones do continue to work on Windows so you need not rush to upgrade but bear this in mind when it comes time to renew.

What version of Windows are you using?  What market region are you in?

If you have any questions, here we are .... most us are users just like you but Norton Staff do monitor what is going on and jump in when necessary.


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