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How to reinstall product without the CD

how can i reinstall without the disk. i  have an active product, i have the key, but i have no shortcut to reinstall on my desktop. can anyone help. will provide more details

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Re: How to reinstall product without the CD

Norton N360 right?  You can follow these steps.  On the download pages you may want to look for the proper language version but that is the only difference.

1) Copy your Norton key for safe keeping just in case you need it. You should not need this but it is better to have the key on hand than to need it and not have ready access to the key. You can find a copy of your currently installed key in My Documents\Symantec\Norton 360_Key.txt.

2) Download the Norton Removal Tool from this link. Norton Removal Tool Choose the N360 v3 link and download the BUdump.exe to your desktop and the Norton Removal Tool (NRT) to your desktop. Directions are on the link page.

3) Download the latest version of N360 v3 from this link. Reinstall After Removal Choose the Norton N360 link. On the next page you can download the N360 installation software. Premium is the version with 25GB of online storage; Standard has 2 or 3 GB of online storage.

4) Run the BUdump.exe utility if you have any backups that you have run through N360. If you have not done any backup through N360 then you can skip this part.

5) Disconnect from the Internet until your system needs the connection later in the process.

6) Go to START > N360 > Uninstall and let N360 uninstall itself. It will want to reboot the machine. Let it.

7) During the booting of your system, go to Safe Mode by tapping the F8 key until the Advanced Options menu is shown. Choose the Safe Mode option (no network or command prompt).

8) In Safe Mode, run the NRT tool. When the tool is finished, click on the Reboot to restart your system.

9) Let Windows boot into normal mode now.

10) Install N360 by double clicking the file you downloaded and saved to your desktop in step 3.

11) When the installation asks for your key or says activating your product, reconnect to the internet then (plug your cable in or turn on the wireless card). [Note: The installation may not ask for your key and activate by using the previous key on the system. Your system will still need to connect to the internet at this point so updated definitions can be downloaded.]

12) Run the Live Update process manually until Live Update reports that there are no more updates to download, N360 is fully up to date.

13) Reboot your system now to insure that any components updated during step 12 are loaded properly.

14) See if your error is fixed now.

Report back here with how this works for you.

Win10 x64; Proud graduate of GeeksToGo

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