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Norton Family BHO

I'm getting a notification: "The 'Norton Family BHO' add-on from '(Not verified) Symantec Corporation' is ready to use" --- Enable or Don't enable.

What does it do and should I enable it?

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Re: Norton Family BHO

Hi mb7,

If you use Norton Family on child's PC, you need to have the Norton Family add-on enabled for the PC.  

Please check the browser that your child uses to see if the add-ons for Norton Family is enabled.  You can find it at
Tools ->  Manage Add-ons in IE if IE is being used.
Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions in Firefox if Firefox is being used.
Go to chrome://extensions then Extensions in Chrome if Chrome is being used.

When the Norton Family program detects the extension is disabled, the Norton Family program sends an alert to the parent.  

The Norton Family program still logs Web activities and also blocks websites when the Norton Family extension is disabled.  The disabled functions are

*Social networking

*Safe searching

*Video monitoring (for Premier users)

*HTTPS web monitoring



Thanks Katie

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