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This forum thread needs a solution.

Your Computer Has Been Blocked


Recently while on Couchtuner, I got a malware "your computer has been blocked" by s3.amazon.com Error 268D3.

How do I block this attack?  What is the correct procedure to get rid of this? I had to do a hard shut down of my laptop

in order to use my laptop again.

Thank you so much for any suggestions.



Re: Your Computer Has Been Blocked

First, do not contact any support phone numbers listed in the message.

You should contact Norton Support via online chat and ask for the Virus Protection Promise. They should be able to remove this infection for you.


Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Your Computer Has Been Blocked


Personally, you met a fakealert, which was hosted on amazon.com. E.G., the below FAKE MS site. 

Then, if I may ask:

Were you using this site [couch-tuner.ag] when you encountered the FAKE pop-up? If so, I kindly recommend:

  • running Task Manager (right-click on yr taskbar) to force any other FAKEALERTS to shut down (this helps avoid data loss)
  • clearing browsers' temporary data using ccleaner (direct download; no ad...) in time
  • reporting the domain or URL@ https://safeweb.norton.com/
  • using other better sites like nbc.com/video. Because that CT.ag contains sponsored yet risky (misleading) ads like the one@ adsrvmedia.adk2x.com/imp?p=70747993&ct=html&ap=1303 re Search By WowMovix 

(hitting the above "Skip this ad" will ship the user to the below WowMovix Search)(searchalgo.com, a hidden/risky browser hijacker) 

Now U:

  • Have you updated all of 3rd-party applications, operating system?
  • Are you using any up-to-date Norton software? If not, get one that works for yr OS here (Up to $60 Off for Limited Time)

PS: Norton do something?

PUP Hunter PRO: Just TRYING to save the world (U) from cyber threats, A single blog post, at a time, and ONCE & FOR ALL. (A fan of Nadia_Kovacs)

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