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This forum thread needs a solution.

Speed Zooka

I have been using Speed Zooka for a very long time now it is said to be a NO NO by Norton I have tried to delete it via my Control panel but it has not been possible to delete ,any suggestions



Re: Speed Zooka


The below steps would help you out:

  • gain the admin access
  • disable your internet connection temporarily
  • disable Norton's Auto-protect & Smart Firewall temporarily
  • re-enable your internet connection
  • re-download & reinstall your SpeedZooka
  • disable your internet connection again
  • exclude SpeedZooka in your Norton product by referring to this comment.
  • turn on Norton protection
  • connect your system to the net
  • Report a Suspected Erroneous Detection (False Positive)
  • keep Norton up-to-date, always.

More, plz mask your personal email address by changing your username@ https://community.norton.com/en/user and you do not have to bother w/ that RISKWARE (SHA256 = 04641eeff7dbc82240c18be19804403306103e9c0408a5740a5e3d20e331ef9f). For more info, you read this VirusTotal report.

Thx... :)

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Re: Speed Zooka

You cannot delete something out of the control panel. You can however uninstall something. You Norton says "No No". Do you mean that Norton quarantined SpeedZooka? If that is the case then that is why you cannot uninstall it. You need to remove it from Norton quarantine then add it to the exclusions. You can temporarily disable Norton then try uninstalling SpeedZooka again. 


Re: Speed Zooka

Norton's Safe Web service is a community-based rating system that has incorrectly flagged two URLs on ZookaWare.com as malicious. When Safe Web notifications appear, they include the option to “Ignore”, which would allow you to use the pages in question.

I am a representative of the affected website, and would like to provide some information on this false detection. Every page of ZookaWare.com is secured by Norton's own highest level SSL certificate. You can verify this by clicking the lock in your browser address bar when on the web site.
We contacted Symantec's support 7 times via email and live chat. Every time they either failed to respond, or told us to contact their department below which fails to respond. Further, they have been nonresponsive to our complaint through the Better Business Bureau.
Unfortunately, below is the official process for a web site, such as ZookaWare.com, to dispute a Safe Web false detection:


"If you notice other discrepancies with your site report that can't be addressed through the standard dispute process, you can send an email to site_owner_help_en@symantec.com. Please note that the progress of email submissions are not tracked, although we will make every effort to ensure they are resolved. Where applicable we encourage you to use the standard re-evaluation process. Click here to find out more about when you should send email. Please include your site name, email address, and contact number to help with the process. You may hear from one of our partners to help resolve some of the discrepancies.

If your Web site has had repeated problems that have caused us to give it an unfavorable rating, we may refuse or postpone a request for reanalysis of that site."


If you are interested in providing your opinion of our site and bringing this to Symantec's attention, you can submit a review by logging in to your Safe Web account at https://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=www.zookaware.com

Daniel Lamson
Support Manager

Our 24/7 US based support team is available through phone, live chat and email to solve your questions and can help you fix Norton's false positive on your computer. Our 24/7 support center link is posted below.


Re: Speed Zooka


Norton Safe Web is reporting that there are 2 different malware present.



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