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Browser Protection - Norton Standalone Safe Search extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox

We have released Norton Standalone Norton Safe Search 1.0.245 extension for Google Chrome and Norton Safe Search extension for Mozilla Firefox browsers. Customers can install Norton Standalone Safe Search (https://us.norton.com/safe-search) browser protection extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers who do not have Norton Security program installed on machines.

Norton Standalone Safe Search extension version number:

Google Chrome: Norton Safe Search 1.0.245

Mozilla Firefox: Norton Safe Search

     Benefits for you:

  • See a website’s safety and shopping rating for all of your search results
  • Avoid malware infected sites on your search results
  • Safeguard your identity by avoiding phishing sites
  • Configure your settings to filter out known risky sites that appear within your search results

The FAQ below answers some common questions:

1. How to Install Norton Standalone Safe Search extensions?

   To install please go to :https://us.norton.com/safe-search from both Chrome and Firefox browsers separately and follow the onscreen instructions

2.  What languages is Norton Standalone Safe Search available in?

     English(US ONLY)

3. Where can I post my questions?

    Please visit our Norton Toolbar / Norton Identity Safe forum to post your queries.