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Multi-device renewal

Every year when It is time to renew my 10 license norton subscription, I buy it from my local staples, office depot, etc.  

When I type in the new product code into my norton security account, why does it not update ALL of my devices with the new subscription?  

The code is tied to myonline account and all of my devices are logged onto it all the time...  Why should I have to type in the renewal code to each device seperately?  when i type in my new code, I should just be able to say apply this to all my devices and be done with it.



Re: Multi-device renewal

Totally agree. It's insane. And then what happens is My Devices is screwed up too. If you renew a licence code with a new one it should just be applied to all the devices the old one was on. I mean, how difficult is that to code...? C'mawwwwnnnn.




Re: Multi-device renewal

I have spoken to a Norton rep about this and what they have done for me is add the new subscription days onto my existing code / subscription so that all devices pick up the new sub without having to go around each device. Really helpful and I have suggested that it would be nice to be able to add the new key to our Norton Account and let it propagate.

Perhaps try having a chat with a rep and ask them to do that for you? I did notice on each device in my account there is a link to enter new key against each device. Not sure if that achieves the same purpose but if it lets you delete a licence of individual devices centrally, you would think it lets you update them too!