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Norton Core and Norton Family Premier

I've recently installed and setup my Norton Core and have the Norton Core app installed on my Android device (Galaxy S7). Norton Family Premiere is supposed to be included with my subscription. 

1. Do I need a separate app install for Norton Family on my Android device to use the Norton Family functions such as Location Supervision.  I do not see any of those options within the Norton Core app. I do, however, see "Parental Controls" within the Norton Core app--are these separate of Norton Family functions?

2. I've sent the email to a Windows 10x64 device via the Norton Core app (as instructed) and downloaded and installed as instructed. I do not see "Norton Core" anywhere on the Windows app (opened from the notification tray). Is there a way to know if I'm using the correct Norton Core subscription?  In the "about" section it shows "Version:"

3. Do I need a separate download for the Norton Family on my Windows device? Or is it a browser based use only? (I can open "Family" from within the Windows app by opening Norton Security->More Norton->Family->Open Norton Family.  At which point it opens a tab in my Chrome browser.


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Re: Norton Core and Norton Family Premier

  1. If you only use the mobile device attached to your Core at home, you would not need the separate app. So if you want the mobile device protected while away from home and the Core, you need to download the Norton Family app. You should be able to get this from your Norton Account. There should be a tab along the top of the page for Family. Click that and follow the instructions to download and install the Family app.
  2. I have to leave this question to those that actually have a Core. 
  3. The same information as for your mobile devices applies for your Windows devices. If the devices never leave home, ie desktops, you would not need to install the app. But if a laptop is taken out of the home, you would need to add the app to protect the device while away from the Core.
Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Norton Core and Norton Family Premier

MackDaddy - Answering your questions. *Norton Core Security Plus is complimentary with the Core router. Other Norton products installed while setting up Norton are explained in the below link to a previous thread.


- Yes!! Norton Family functions, although similar, are separate from the Core functions and should be installed on each device you wish to monitor.  It should indeed show as a part of your prescription on your account page if you purchased it as well. It can be installed on Windows, Android and iOS. The app icon itself should be accessible from its icon in your system tray. If that is not the case you can also check your apps listing from your W10 desktop for the icon. You can right mouse click it and select "send to system tray" and it will appear there.


Your Norton product subscription is the latest version In your "About" section in your product settings it should state what the product is that you have installed. IE Norton Security with Backup, etc.

I hope I have answered all your questions appropriately.


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