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Access to online backups is much more difficult

About once a year, malfunctions in online backup have required Norton tech agents to unintall and reinstall Norton Security with Backup Deluxe. Whenever that happens, your existing online backups have to be deleted because you're using a new installation. Unless you want to buy more online space, you have to delete the old backups. Until this year, you used to be able to do that by logging on on NOBU online, but no longer. Now you actually have to file a request, which has to be reviewed, and only then do you supposedly get an email giving you instructions. When this was explained to me by a first-line chat agent, he said it the approval email would come within "a few hours." After a day, the next first-line chat agent told me it would take "12 to 24 hours" and moreover that the previous chat agent had told me that, which was a lie. When I demanded to speak with a supervisor, he solemnly assured me that it would take a "maximum" of "48 to 72" hours. Also, the chat agents used to be able to delete the online backups if you were having trouble doing it yourself, but now there is a "dedicated team" for that purpose that sends you no-reply messages, so you are completely at their mercy. If you need to delete your old online backups to make a new large one, you're s--t out of luck for as long as it takes the incognito and inaccessible "dedicated team" to get around to your case. There are a number of things wrong with this picture: First of all, that online backup file is your personal property under law, and preventing your access to it should be illegal. Just like the Equifax mess. Secondly, there is absolutely zero documentation of this new process online, anywhere; Norton must make that available. Thirdly, leaving paying customers without a current online backup is unconscionable. Fourth, what new circumstances have required this new and cumbersome and impersonal procedure to be necessary? Have there been security breaches and hacks into the Norton online backup servers? One must assume that there have. And finally, I have spent at least five hours and a lot of heartache on dealing with tech support on this, only to receive misinformation, false information, solemn promises, and no action. The 72-hour threshold is rapidly approaching. What recourse do customers have to this unforgiveable secrecy and treatment regarding their personal data?