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Technical Support is Incompetent Regarding Passwords

Based on the recent publication from NIST stating that long passwords were less susceptible to hacking than shorter ones containing mixed letters/numbers/characters/cases, I decided to change my Identity Safe password from one containing 9 characters to one of 25 characters. Norton Identity Safe allowed the change yesterday, but today I could not login.

When I contacted customer support, I was (politely) told that Norton supported long passwords and that I must have forgotten my password. Although I assured the support person that I was certain I had correctly recorded the password, the only advice he could provide was to delete the Password Vault and start from scratch.

Even though I suspected the issue was with my new, longer password, I decided to follow the advice from Norton and deleted my Password Vault and began to set up a new one. Surprise, surprise, the longest password acceptable to Norton is one of no more than 20 characters. Although the software had appeared to let me use a 25-character password yesterday, it presumably simply truncated what I supplied to 20 characters. If customer support had known this, I suspect I could have easily accessed my vault using the first 20 characters of the password I had created yesterday.

Since Norton’s anti-virus is no more robust than that provided free from Microsoft, the only reason I had been paying for Norton for all these years was to continue to access all the passwords my family members and I had stored in our password vaults. Given that I have probably lost close to 1,000 passwords, this has been a complete waste of money.