Este hilo del foro necesita una solución

Need suggestions

Hi everyone! I was looking for "people following" option. I don't have it. I send private message to some people to add me in their circle. But no idea, does it work or not?

Please help me with more guidelines and suggestions if I missed something.

How can I follow other users of the community? Thanks. 



Re: Need suggestions

If you mean this forum, there is no 'Follow' feature.  What 'circles' are you referring to?

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Re: Need suggestions

On the FUNimation forum, we have the ability to "follow" other community users, but i don't believe here, or, at least not yet.  I mean, you could always subscribe to a topic that you like to receive e-mail notifications when something new has been posted.  Like you have also indicated you can send pm's to attempt to keep in closer contact with people you like here. 

You explain,

  I send private message to some people...

I'm saddened Alice, i didn't receive a pm from you. ;-)

Hoping that this post finds you well,


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