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Norton Security Toolbar changes for Google Chrome technology updates

In the coming weeks, Google Chrome will be making changes to its browser technology. As a result, the Norton toolbar will not be supported and soon you will need to access your online vault and password manager through the Norton Identity Safe extension. 

To ensure everything will function normally in the next coming month it is important to update any security products that you accessed directly from the Norton Toolbar to the new extensions. 

Please note that the new extension for Norton password management (Norton Identity Safe) does not support local vaults via Google Chrome. Your vault is secure in the cloud and only you have the key!

How can I convert my local vault to an online vault?
You can sync the Identity Safe data from your local vault to the cloud vault. When you move the data from your local vault to cloud vault, all the data in your local vault is removed permanently. For more information, see Sync local vault to cloud vault.

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