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Core logging itself out.

Hi, I see no pattern to this, and I can log back into the Core app after clearing data/cache, and then rebooting. My question is this, when the Core app just kind of logs itself out what happens? Am I no longer protected by the Core until I am able to get logged back into the Core app, or not.   Thanks


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Re: Core logging itself out.

You are potentially logged out of your Norton Core app on your phone for a few reasons, one would be the session token we used has timed out (usually lasts a long time), or the token itself has become invalid. To become invalid the back end service that manages those tokens may have been restarted. Another reason may be that your app was automatically updated and as such has automatically logged you out.

However in any of these scenarios you are still being protected by Norton Core. The app that configures and shows you what is happening with Norton Core is just a view into what is happening and allows you to make changes to your policy. The Norton Core router will continue to function regardless of your logged in state to the mobile app.

Hope this answers your question.


Re: Core logging itself out.

Thank you for enlightening me. I just noticed the broadband folks were doing something out back. Left the cover up, and cables strewn about. I'm guessing their work bumped me out of Core network and Core app this time.

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