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Announcing Norton Family 4.8.2 for Android

[Updated on October 24, 2018: We are releasing Norton Family 4.8.2 with new build 24 update for Android with some backend fix in phased manner]  

We are releasing Norton Family 4.8.2 build 24 update for Android in phased manner for all supported languages.

We are releasing Norton Family for Android in phased manner for all supported languages

The FAQ's below addresses some common questions:

1. What is the version number for this patch?

    Norton Family for Android

2. How can I receive this update?

    To receive the update, simply visit Norton Family parental control on Google Play

    To verify if you have the latest version: Click Settings -> About 
Note: This update is being released in phased manner.

3. What are the Bug fixes and changes in this release?

    - New permissions request model when setting up as Child mode

Block "Settings" App - Parent can block the "Settings" app to avoid unauthorized tampering of app by the child
From Norton Family app(Parent Mode):

From Norton Family portal:
- Added an option to block below Google apps:
  Google Play Store
  Google Play Music
  Google Play Movies

Engineering enhancements

4. Where can I post my queries?

Visit our Norton Family forum to post your queries or Norton Family Knowledge base articles for more information.