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too many notifications

I had Norton Core installed in my home. I have my children computers setup thru the router. I monitor through my Android phone. I receive no less than 500 notifications a day of websites my children are attempting to access. It is not the websites that bother me as they are mostly (95%) ad sites such as googletagservices.com; scorecardresearch.com; sfx.ms; google-analytics.com; advertising.com; yahoo.com; msn.com; amazon.com; etc. 

Everyday I go thru the notifications log and hit "no" to adding them to the list of Allowed Sites. Everyday Norton core asks me over and over again to allow them access the same sites. 

Is there some way to turn this feature off? After I say 1 time to not allow that site, Norton core will stop asking me if I want to allow that site? You would think after the first 500 times I said NO, I wouldn't be changing my mind!!!

I cant take the notifications anymore. I also do not want to stop getting something if they visit a site that I think they should have access to I would like to have the choice, just not 500 times in a row!!

I have gone thru all the options on my phone app and cannot find anywhere to make this change. I am not computer savvy so a little help with some step by step instructions would be appreciated (it took me 1/2 an hour to figure out how to start this thread). 



Re: too many notifications

Norton does this to me as well, several notifications over and over to add or block, yes or no and neither options seem to stick. Only option they have is to just turn off notifications period, because if you select 8yrs under which blocks most stuff or block ads then TONS of notifications. Good Luck hopefully there will be an update that better structures these blocking options.

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