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Norton Family time controls


I am a user of Norton Family (part of Norton Deluxe Edition). I think this product has important lacks on controlling the time that kids are using devices. I suggest some simple features that would give lot of control capabilities to parents.

1. Time (

a. More options on the total hours permitted. Not only "1 hour", "2 hours", "3 hours"... We need "30 minutes", "1.5 hours", "2.5 hours"

b. There should be an option to set the time permitted for all of the devices of the child. Now you have to set the time for each device... my kid have 3 (laptop, cellular, tablet). It is frustrasting...

c. The very more important... There should be an option to set the maximum accumulated time when using all the devices. I.e., if you set maximum time of 1 hour to each of the 3 devices, the kid can stay 3 hours connected, alternating from one device to another. Parents need an option to set a global maximun time of using devices of for example 1.5 hours.

2. Apps

Norton Family allow to block Apps... but that is no useful with kids... there is no problem of using Youtube, the problem is when they stay hours on youtube. Parents need an option to set the maximum time usage for an app.

I hope you can consider to add this features to the product... it would be definitively the way of getting lot of renovations :-)