Backup within NS

With regards to the backup portion of NS:

1.  NS requires a password to enter the backup sets of the backup section of NS.  However, it does not require such to run or enter the Restore files function.  I believe a password should be required as well to perform any restore function.  The reason I feel that way is that I have files stored in Norton's cloud which I don't want on my computer.  Even though those files are not visible on my pc anyone who gains access to my computer would be able to snoop the files in the cloud and transfer back onto my pc without my authorization.

2.  I have 3 automatic backups and 1 designated as manual.  After a period of several days during which it runs the automatic backups, NS indicates backups failed.  It turns out that the only way to "fix now" the backup error is to run the manual backup set.  This seems to defeat the purpose of designating auto vs manual backups.   Manual should mean only on demand.