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Norton Security Premium Questions


The above link indicates the 'End-of-Life announcement for Norton Online Backup.'

Does this mean that the backup for my Norton Security Premium subscription will end?  It seems to indicate so at the link:

Is there a replacement product for Norton Online Backup?

We have a backup solution available in our Norton 360 offerings. You can back up your data using the Cloud Backup feature within Norton 360. Please note that the Cloud Backup features are only available on Windows.

We are not able to move the data from Norton Online Backup to Norton 360 due to technological constraints. Hence, you will need to restore your data from Norton Online Backup and then back up the data again using Cloud Backup within Norton 360. For more information, see Restore files from Norton Online Backup.

Which all leads to the next question.

Why have I not been offered an upgrade to the new 360 product?

Especially if I'm losing part of the product that I purchased.... 

I've asked in online chat support.  They told me to make sure that my "Special Offer Notification" is on.  It is.

They sent me to this link:


It doesn't work.

They told me they'd get back to me.

They didn't.

They told me to recheck my email and check the spam folder.

I rechecked.  It's not there.


It seems that most people around here, and others I know have all been offered updates.

I haven't.  




Re: Norton Security Premium Questions

Hello Frank. Are you located within or outside the USA?


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Re: Norton Security Premium Questions

Hello SoulAsylum,

Ah... I should have included that info.

I'm in the USA.



Re: Norton Security Premium Questions

The Norton Online Backup that is being discontinued is/was a stand alone service, not connected to the backup feature in Norton Security, or the older and newer Norton security products.

As long as your current product is still doing the backups, there is no need to upgrade to the new 360 product. Unless you want some of the new features in this new product. See the info on the new 360 here.  https://us.norton.com/products?inid=hho_nortoncom_homepage_hero_products

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton Security Premium Questions

At first I was happy to stick with Norton Premium.

But the trend seems pretty clear.  With the VPN and SafeCam.... Norton Premium is now "Norton Less-Than-Premium."

I think the reason I've not been invited to upgrade --- is for the 'worst' reason.

I totally believe in Norton.  I follow all the tests.... SE Labs, AV-C, AV-T, MRG....      and I think Norton is the overall best product.  

And I've purchased my subscription out almost 4 years. 

With the apparent trend in 'premium' product features going to the 360 Products... yeah, I guess I would like to move.

Accepted Solution

Re: Norton Security Premium Questions

Thank you!

Hi Frank,

Your Order Number NP*********** for $ 0.00 is now complete. Your order details are shown below and are stored in your Norton account.

Norton™ 360 with LifeLock™ Advantage

Here is what you must do next to get protected:

  1. Download your Norton subscription by clicking on the "Get Started" button or go to norton.com/setup
  2. Follow the instructions to install your Norton service on one or more devices

You have just joined over 5 million other LifeLock Members. You can easily access your account by clicking the button below.

For questions related to your service, you can contact LifeLock Member Services 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-855-993-1916.

Get Started

Your subscription is active and will renew annually starting October 5, 2023 for $ 249.99/ year. + applicable tax

You will find your order details below, as well as in your Norton Account.

If you have any questions about your purchase, please visit Member Services & Support.

— Your Norton Team

It's a little disappointing that no Norton employee here in this forum helped me.

But through another method, I'm now good to go -- and very pleased with the deal I've received.

My loyalty to Norton actually paid off..

Thank you Norton.

Norton is --- the best available complete security solution that does not have privacy issues.

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Re: Norton Security Premium Questions

It's a little disappointing that no Norton employee here in this forum helped me.

The forums are mostly user to user help. If in fact you need a subscription to be changed, you can only do that by direct contact with Norton Support.   www.norton.com/contactcs

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton Security Premium Questions

Well now...when I got that little pop-up message at the bottom of my search results on mobile, that I could get the same result with "safe-search" enabled, that was a defining moment for me. I can see getting pop-up messages having a free subscription, but paying for one and seeing these creepy reminders out of the blue, on a consistent basis, is both annoying and unacceptable. Norton is no longer a reliable service if it constantly badgers it's subscribers with reminders and popups to use extensions and search providers that generate revenue on the side. Norton is not alone either. I just held out hope that things might change for the better, and it didn't. Having trust and confidence means a lot these days, especially when you entrust a company to protect your personal and private data on a daily basis. Confidence still has significant value as we see reflected in quarterly earning reports. I wish everyone the best here at Norton.


Re: Norton Security Premium Questions

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