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This forum thread needs a solution.

Malicius Domain Request22 Quelladresse postlnk.com

Hello community. Both with the Chrome browser and FireFox my blog oceanografossinfronteras.blogsport.com after a minute is replaced by https://elpaisactual.com/portada-2/. With Internet Explore it does not present this error.
Norton informed me: Malicius Domain Request22 Quelladresse postlnk.com. We did a Norton check on my computer and no viruses were found.
What can I do to find and delete it?

Thanks for the help you can give me. Greetings Verano.



Re: Malicius Domain Request22 Quelladresse postlnk.com

Okay....reproduced my side from new Edge profile without ad blocker - content blocker.

IMO - Nothing to find  - to delete.
Clear browser cookies n' cache and avoid sites -
Run full scans with Norton & Malwarebytes and avoid sites -
Run browser ad blocker - content blocker. 

Redirect/s appears to be from the website/s.





as always, your mileage may vary

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