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NortonLifelock Has A New Logo!

Why is my NortonLifeLock logo changing to Norton?

Our powerful Norton brand has grown during the past four decades to be a global leader in Cyber Safety. We’re celebrating this legacy and you’ll start to see the Norton logo more frequently on our customer and marketing communications. During this transition, there will be a period of time that our Norton brand logo and our NortonLifeLock company logo may be visible in different places to you. Rest assured, you will receive the same protections you’ve always enjoyed from us.

What is LifeLock by Norton?

As you may know, LifeLock and Norton were combined under one company in 2017 now representing a comprehensive portfolio of products and services across security, privacy, and identity and delivered through a unified experience. The two brands are now closer than ever as we transition to a shared common account and portal for an easy, one-stop experience. As a reflection of the powerful connection between the brands and the full benefits of Cyber Safety the company now provides to our members and customers, the LifeLock logo is transitioning to “LifeLock by Norton”. The logo may look different, but members will receive the same protections they’ve always enjoyed from us. During this transition, there may be a period of time that both logos will be visible in different places.