Norton NCrypt.exe file detected as Gen:variant.razy.896888

i used a diffrent anti.v scanner today and up popped you can see it has attached its self to the security engine..just in case ive deleted this and removed norton...(i only the other scanner today this scanner comes as part of another pc cleaning tool thought hay ho give it a go)...before i go install norton again has the security engine been compromised on your part....or am i good to go and re-install?   cheers guys

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Re: Norton NCrypt.exe file detected as Gen:variant.razy.896888

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C:\Program Files\Norton Security\Engine\\NCrypt.exe      Gen:Variant.Razy.896888  

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This detection is for the new Norton Crypto feature in the latest version of 360 that is explained in this product announcement.

It is not surprising that Malwarebytes or any other malware scanner might flag this file to protect users from unwanted apps from stealing your CPU cycles for crypto mining. So you need to report this Malwarebytes detection as a false positive to Malwarebytes.

The reason Malwarebytes cannot remove this detected file is the Norton Product Tamper Protection  feature protecting the valid Norton file. 

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