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Crypto Solicitation Removal and misleading Users about profiting

Just noticed the new 'Turn your PC's idle time into cash.' green bar on top of my paid-for Norton 360.

Also noticed a string of replies about this on the Community - now with 'comments disabled' - so I cannot comment there - I will here.
Most of them were about 'idle time' - and Norton's implication that you can profit by using it...but NOT disclosing the catch - increased operating costs and wear on GPU!

WHY is there not an honest FAQ about how much this replacing idle time will cost the Norton Crypto user???  It is NOT FREE.

I speak from experience - having volunteered my 'free / idle computer time' for BOINC (more than 20 years) and World Community Grid.
I have volunteered my computer free time aiding research for fighting the Covid-19 pandemic for 3 years:180 days:15 hours as of now.
My electric bill DOES reflect my not re-imbursed charity volunteering of my computer time.  At least $30 more per month.

My electric bill is significantly higher doing this.
Consider - running an idle computer draws a set minimal constant amount of energy. - idle current with cpu at 0 to 3% doing background stuff.. less than 20 watts for me.
Running BOINC / or Crypto-mininig raises your cpu usage to 100% and your GPU (video processor if so equipped) at 100%.  This will increase your current consumption on your PC to maximum.  

I have 2 systems I run (750w power supplies), each draw over 250w at 100% usage (guess based on processor and gpu max wattage ratings). 
500W at about 0.5 kWh costs roughly $0.06 per hr.
500watts / hour costs roughly .06/hr x 16h x 7d/w x 52w/yr = $349.44 of electricity per year. 
Now add in maintenance costs.  Long ago I used IDE drives, and lost an average of one every 6 to 9 months due to constant usage.  Still waiting for my first SSD to fail... And I am on my 2nd computer system for unit 2 - replaced entire computer after motherboard died.

Crypto mining is not likely to have as much idle between projects as my volunteer work did - so likely a lot more electricity costs.

So - the big question???  Could I make over $349 / year crypto mining on 2 systems - with 15% going to fees and more going to transaction fees to exchange and actually get your Ethereum?  I am doubting it considering Norton is taking a percent, likely part of the 15% fees plus transaction fees - otherwise Norton would NEVER push this concept!

While I love Norton's ability to protect my system, tested over and over at times and it works - and have used Norton on and off for 20+ years... I do feel as others have suggested that the 'marketing department' has taken over development areas and seriously offending us paid customers.

My issues: 

How to remove this Crypto solicitation from my paid-for Norton 360 product.
How do I stop browser interruptions - open a new browser - first thing I see is a Norton Life-Lock or other solicitation. There used to be a 'Do not show again' option - that is now missing - Marketing has taken over - not realizing they are alienating customers...
I will NOT renew or re-purchase Norton if it remains as part of this product and additional solicitations continue...


  • Please answer with how to remove this advertisement,
  • Provide more clear information to users on
    • 'how much it will cost' to run the Crypto app for a user
    • how much return they will actually see for a typical i7 2019 to 2020 system with Nvidia 50 series or higher GPU (i.e. GTX250, RTX3070, etc.)? 

Product: Norton 360 on Windows 11.
Reproduce - launch Norton360 - clearly seen taking top % of app real-estate.  Also another new solicitation on bottom 'Utilities Ultimate - Buy Now' on bottom.
Norton - Please stop these solicitations!

This post contains my opinions and requests about a product I paid for, and the blind uninvited solicitations made to users who are unaware of the costs involved should they signup for the Crypto product.  If they want to market the Crypto product - send it via an Email - to those who allow marketing communications... 
Do NOT make it part of Norton 360 - I am ashamed a company would get so greedy to do such a thing as to add a 'we can make more money, taking a percentage of their mining if we add a industry controversial mining app into our product'...
I try to help others - and offer my observations as helpful hints - please, if you disagree - your right to do so... we all have our own experiences and opinions.


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Re: Crypto Solicitation Removal and misleading Users about profiting

Well written and presented. I will stay tuned to hear some of the replies.


Re: Crypto Solicitation Removal and misleading Users about profiting

Here's what I believe to be the solution, and why....:

What annoyed me the most about this, besides the fact that there is no easy way to opt back out once you've tried to play with this a bit, is that the mining function basically hijacks your computer 24x7.  I have my laptop options set to put the laptop to sleep when I close the lid, except that stopped happening after enabling Norton crypto-mining.  And when I went to see what command was preventing the laptop from going to sleep (run cmd.exe as an Admin (search for "cmd" in the Windows search-box, then right-click on the "Command Prompt" app that Search will find, and select "Run as Administrator"), and then execute the following command: powercfg /requests) I found the only thing keeping my laptop from sleeping was: NCrypte.exe, Norton's crypto-mining process.  And there's no way to disable that, to set hours during which Norton crypto can or can't run, no way to stop the overnight crypto-mining other than shutting the laptop down each night.

The removal of what I would now consider to be border-line malware is actually pretty easy, and Norton provides the tool itself: Norton Remove and Reinstall (  This may not work as easily for you, if you have custom scan schedules or other configurations/tweaks you've made, but it worked well for me: I removed and reinstalled, and when Norton came back up, it was now re-prompting me to turn my idle time into cash (the old saw of "fool me twice" quickly came to mind....   :-)  ), and a re-run of the "powercfg /requests" command shows Norton is no longer preventing the laptop from sleeping.....

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