Crypto Enhancements

I've noticed that the GPU CPU% never goes above 50%. Is this intended? 

I'm going to assume that your playing safe by not going above 50% and hence not requiring the upper bounds of GPU cooling?

I would appreciate (others chime in) an adjustment to boost the core GPU CPU percentage as I understand the risks. (maybe an advanced tab that allows me to adjust options and check hash_rate adjustments)

I've also noticed that the product doesn't use multiple GPUs within a single image. That would be a nice enhancement. In addition, it would be nice to move some processes to the multitude of fast cores in today's computers. I understand the GPU will be much much faster but it seems a shame to have high GPU and the CPU can't do anything at all. Maybe mine a different coin hash on those?

Can you explain how continual Crypto usage affects hash_rate as it appears the hash_rate auto-adjusts (upwards) the longer that I run the Crypto product. That would be good to know for occasional users who won't see the hash_rate benefits unless they run the product for longer.

Finally, I await any AMD drops and will be happy to test any AMD-specific code/early EAP/alpha code you have.


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