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Include Check boxes while installation process

Hello. I have Norton 360 premium subscription for 10 devices, and I have encountered a problem while installation process that I did not see any check boxes for letting me chose what to install in each device. For example, I do not want VPN to be install in some of my devices, and in my opinion the compulsory installation is considered obsolete because in Windows 98 I saw so many software that have options while installation process that give a customer to chose what to install (in check boxes style). I do not know why Norton 360 premium subscription still do not have this technology of programming that give their customer to chose via check boxes while processing installation. I think the check boxes for Norton 360 premium subscriber should include at least as following while installation process: [   ] Install only antivirus [   ] Install antivirus with internet security [   ]  install antivirus with internet security included VPN Like that I can chose what to install in every devices instead of compulsory obsolete style.  Or check boxes as following Please chose what to install in this device (you can chose all or as you like): [   ] Antivirus [   ] Internet securtity [   ] VPN Best regards,