Este hilo del foro necesita una solución

Constant repeated application blocking notifications

Every time I open a new program on my mac, I get a notification like this:

I click Allow, and the next time I open the program, the exact same prompt shows up. Every time a background process tries to update itself I get a notification like this:

I click Allow, and the next time the background process attempts to update itself again, the exact same prompt shows up. What is the point of the "Don't ask again for the application" check box if it does NOTHING? Yes, the "Allow" button temporarily allows the program access, but I get the prompt EVERY TIME.

I am constantly receiving repeated pop ups asking me to allow these programs access. Which prompted me search and find this article:

Which basically means that every time I receive one of these prompts, I have to click "Allow", then open Norton, and remove that rule, restart my mac, and then replace that rule with a rule I manually create? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Am I just expected to not do any work for like 2 days as I open every program on my mac, repeating this process of adding, deleting, restarting, and re-adding firewall rules?

The application blocking feature is not usable in its current form. There has to be a solution other than that ridiculous workaround/solution or turning application blocking off.