Product Suite confusing

Norton Security used to be, I thought, an all inclusive app with all the security offerings in one app. It seems like things are being peeled off and branded as individual purchase items. And the popup fear monger ads in my toolbar for these ala cart apps are frustrating me and scaring my users. Do you have a product with everything - I will buy that?! Quit with the popup nonsense, I seriously don't know products I have or not anymore. F#$%#$%



Re: Product Suite confusing

You can see what products Norton offers on the main Norton web site.    https://us.norton.com/products?inid=nortoncom_home_hero11_products

The additional items Norton offers for a price, are not being taken out of the main product. They are additional features Norton feels you might like to have. And because the Marketing department is running the show these days, we are bombarded with information about these add ons.

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