VPN Not working properly and cutting me off of the internet

I am sharing this information with everyone and have already replied to many who have the same exact problem. This was my reply to everyone. I would recommend that everyone who has this problem also post it on Norton's Facebook site. I suddenly got a reply from someone who wanted to converse offline....It is my opinion that Norton is aware of the issue, can not or will not fix the problem with the VPN cutting off the internet when you are online. So here is my reply I have sent to a couple of you, I apologize if it is repetitive.

I would recommend going to a different provider. I am. I have had nothing but trouble with this VPN lately, have spent hours on the phone with techs who have taken over my computer and made it worse. I had supervisors tell me the situation has been escalated and the escalation department will call me back and they do not. I have had support personnel not understand what I want or what I am saying, or they just do not want to listen to the problem. 

Do not get me wrong, Norton was a good company. I have been with them for nearly 20 years, but to have a good company you need to have a product your customer base can trust. With that customer base you build loyalty to the product and company. They had both my loyalty and trust up to this point, but have totally lost it completely with this incident. The VPN is supposed to work in conjunction with the other products Norton provides. If Norton and its employees can not fix this problem it shows me the company can not be trusted to make sure the other products work...I recommend finding another company