Disappearing iPhone Apps

I setup Time House Rules to block access after 10 PM on my son’s iPhone. At 10, more than a dozen of his apps disappeared from the home screen.  The next day when he logged into the device, they were still missing but they reappeared the second time he logged in. The problem is the apps were not in the same order (or same page) that they in the night before.

I spent 45 minutes on chat, and they told me to turn off time supervision and turn it off. That did not help. I tried to change the supervision level from block to monitor, but the same thing happened. I called support the next day and they advised that unfortunately "that is the way it works".

Kids don't like having their phone controlled and shut off at night to start with. But it is abusive to have multiple pages of apps shuffled every night!

Please fix ASSP! 


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Re: Disappearing iPhone Apps

Hi @DMB Group,

Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family forum.

App icons will be rearranged and placed in alphabetical order after a curfew ends. Apps organized inside folder will also be placed outside the folder after a curfew.

This is as per Apple’s design and a platform limitation of iOS. Please refer to this page for more details.


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