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My son's phone is showing up as not being monitored

My son's phone is showing up on my Norton parental control on my computer as "not being monitored". When I try to change anything regarding his monitoring using the app on my phone it won't connect to my Norton. However I still get alerts when he leaves the house or gets to school. I restarted both his phone and my phone the other night and it corrected the problem, but today its doing the same thing. My wife's app shows his phone being monitored normal on her app. I do not understand why this is happening but I would like it corrected. I cannot constantly be restarting my son's phone in order to have his monitoring working, or to access the controls to change things. 



Re: My son's phone is showing up as not being monitored

Hi @Kari

Thanks for reaching out to the Norton Family forum.

We have sent a private message to you with details regarding the post. Could you kindly check. 

Norton Family Team.

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