Norton 360 Device / Users / License Query

I have recently purchase Norton 360 Premium as I need to protect 10 devices in total.  Everything has gone fine up to now with installing the software on a PC, laptop and mobiles.  

The android tablets that I want to protect have multiple profiles.  I have installed Norton 360 on the main user account (myself) fine, but when it comes to having it installed on the 2nd (or 3rd) user,  it takes up an additional license!  I can't see an obvious way to have Norton on all 3 profiles without taking up and additional license.  Is there a way to do this, as when you load up the app the first time on each of the profiles, it asks you to log in?

The whole point of me buying the Premium version is that it covers 10 'devices'.  I couldn't see any mention at time of buying that it is only for 10 'licenses' and installing it on separate profiles on a tablet will take up additional licenses

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Re: Norton 360 Device / Users / License Query

The closest I can come to finding information on multiple users on Android is from this Norton web page on Norton 360 mobile. Scrolling down the page to the System Requirements shows this.

If you are using these tablets in a work environment, you could look into a Norton Small Business subscription...


Re: Norton 360 Device / Users / License Query

Many thanks for the info. Didn't even think to look at that page!

Re: Norton 360 Device / Users / License Query

You are welcome. Glad I could help.

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