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To know AntiTrack is to love AntiTrack

AntiTrack is not just a simple Windows browser app that you install and hope it protects you from Trackers. It needs careful and considered configuration. I love AntiTrack because I'm a techo nerd of 40yrs IT experience and understand the potential of AntiTrack, but also know that when I first started using it, it was fraught with danger for the home pc user. It is NOT a simple app that instantly works from moment it is installed. Users need to read and understand instructions, a skill many ppl have lost in this age. After you install the program on the various browsers, you need to watch and learn how AntiTrack works in various scenarios. I see many users complaining how AntiTrack stops them from doing things, and guess what, that's what it's meant to do if its wasn't properly implemented. They immediately want a refund and say it doesn't work, but I can assure you with my hand on my heart, it works, and it works well. Think of it as a proper browser protection tool for internet sites that need better fences up to keep the zombies at bay. My mantra is to observe and interpret. When you install AntiTrack on your browser, be it Edge, Firefox, or Chrome, go to a Website and see what AntiTrack does on your browser, and configure accordingly. It is like a firewall, which needs to protect you and help guide you through that site. Don't just sit there hoping you're instantly protected from trackers, do something to ensure the zombies don't get past the fence. Consider the access you want them to have, but don't assume you've done your due diligence by installing AntiTrack and leaving to the application to handle. AntiTrack can't tell the difference between a zombie and a human, unless you tell it. Once it has been properly installed and configured, you can leave it to work, until next time it interacts with an unknown zombie. AntiTrack provides tell-tale indicators which let you know when there is a hole in the fence, denoted by the black circle with green number indicating how many zombies are at the gate. That's when you can click on the circle, and tell AntiTrack how you want to deal with them. Yes, there are times when it may get its proverbial knickers in a knot, but they are few and far between if you follow simple advice. You don't need to uninstall and reinstall. Just try turning the tracker off, wait a few seconds, and on again. Ala IT Crowd. But please please please, stop asking for refunds because you didn't take the time to understand how it works. Do your due diligence and read before you buy. Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware! I'll hop off my soapbox, there are some zombies I need to deal with! Have a great day ppl. I've probably opened the gates for questions, but only want to say, if you buy this product, you need to do some work to make it happen properly. It is a fantastic product, and No, I don't work for Norton! I just love their products. Enjoy!