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New EAP build is now available! [23rd June 2022]

We have a new EAP build available through LiveUpdate. 

To access the new build, simply run LiveUpdate from your,,, builds [EAP Channel]. You will see a few updates download and apply. Keep running LiveUpdate until it asks you to apply the patch to the updated build. Once you apply the patch, you will be running the new build.

What are the changes in this build?

  • NEW tag in the UI that will show unused features information
  • Notification Optimization Settings for Gamers in Gamer Layouts
  • Other minor bug fixes, under-the-hood changes, and performance enhancements 

Known Issues - We are already aware of the below issues:

  • Continue button distorted on multiple clicks on Onboarding wizard Icon
  • In Expired state, dashboard is not seen in Red State
  • Space seen between Gamer Icon and Search Icon in Dashboard UI


  • Some of these features may be throttled.
  • You may need to run LiveUpdate and reboot a few times before your product is completely updated to the latest version.
  • Norton 22.22.6 supports Windows 7 SP1 or later with SHA2 Support, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10
  • This update is not available for maintenance mode OSes (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 with no service pack) 
Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | Gen Digital