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QUICKSCAN and LIVEUPDATE links missing from new install

I added Norton 360 Premium to a new laptop running Windows 11 and the Microsoft Edge browser. I am not sure that the install completed successfully, but on the "My Norton" window, I see there are no links under "Device Security" in the right-hand pane. By contrast, we have Norton on our desktop, which also runs Windows 11 and on which both the MS Edge and Google Chrome browsers are installed and both the QUICK SCAN and LIVEUPDATE links are visible.

Am I missing some functionality on the new install? How do I a Quick Scan or update the virus definitions? By the way, there are several other "buttons" missing from the right pane of the new install, including "Cloud Backup" and "Parental Controls," as well as a quick link to the "Message Center." 




Re: QUICKSCAN and LIVEUPDATE links missing from new install

Did you properly remove any Trial security solution/s before installing Norton?

Do you see Norton tray icon.  

Please run Norton LiveUpdate several time and Restart (not Shut down) machine.  Repeat. 

Please confirm Windows Fast Startup is off. W10 [here] W11 [here]

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