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using norton secure vpn with newest version microsoft edge

Microsoft edge has these settings in privacy/search/services of it. 1. use secure dns to specify how to look up the network address for websites.  2. use a web service to help resolve navigation errors 3. suggest similar sites when a website can't be found??? How should the toggles be set using the Norton secure vpn?  Next question,  Microsoft edge has tracking questions using toggles?  basic, balanced and strict? lastly, in the same section for privacy/search/service of settings there is enhance the web questions which has mitigation protections default is off but you can use balanced or strict?  The overall question here is, Can I use these settings as if I didn't use Norton secure vpn , jusst set them to defualt which is basically on and balanced and not worry about it affecting my Norton secure vpn? main concern is will it cause a leak of my ip address and affect my encryption provided by Norton secure vpn.  there is only one site that has caused me problems where I actually had to turn off my norton vpn and use the browser as is, otherwise the vpn is great.  I don't use the internet security extensions that allow google to ask for your ip address and hide it because its already hidden and I am already protected from unsafe sites because this is covered my smart screen. The most important question I have is the browser settings a issue for concern or can i just use it set to default settings and expect norton secure vpn to do what it does to protect my privacy, security, and overall experience? I understand it uses IPv4 and not IPv6.  I wish this was included in the Norton 360 manual which I would like to see an updated version.