what and why did Norton start messing this up? (again)

I have had Norton forever... and they were good then went bad, then went good.. now it is back to good and bad. Stop the pop ups asking me to do things, and then I say no, and they come back all the time. it is so annoying, please, whoever writes the software, if it asks us yes or no, we say no, then it keeps popping up asking the same question. The original mission was to be an anti virus, then they added computer cleaning, fixing, etc. Bloatware took over. If people want more they will find it, don't keep ramming down us. Thanx



Re: what and why did Norton start messing this up? (again)

I guess no one keeps getting popups asking the same thing all the time...


Re: what and why did Norton start messing this up? (again)

R U referring to Special Offer Notification pop-ups? 
R U referring to Service Notification pop-ups?
R U referring to Task Notification pop-ups?

I guess no one keeps getting popups asking the same thing all the time...

asking ? 

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How do you stop Norton pop ups?


Re: what and why did Norton start messing this up? (again)

I can only agree with spretired

We also had Norton like forever.
And it did protect us well over at least 15 years.

It became a little strange one day when we found out that it was cheaper to extent the subscription not automatically but by special offer.
That means, every new customer gets it cheaper then we after more than 15 years of contant subscription.
Thats a funny Business Model. Symantec could not really explain why the do it like this.

A few years ago it became really strange when for the first time after many years it actually detected a real Virus.
I was wondering from the beginning because usually any suspicious files were deleted right after the download.
But here that was not the case. These file seem to be on the harddisk in a Folder they should not be.
Norton detected them only during quick-scan as Trojan Horse and removed them.
Since the Files popped up again almost daily the real Virus was not removed and I became really concerned.
This was all very disappointing because Norton was unable to solve the Problem.
They also were unable to check the file using the usual ways like "send file to norton".
In the End (after 2 months) it turned out, that it was only a very bad joke and that the files were created by Norton itself (!).
(Really Norton was unable to tell me that earlier)
Today this problem is coming up again and I had it 4 Times in the last week.

This was a very disappointing Experience because I was always hoping that If one day I would had a Problem with a Virus,
that the Customer Support would be able to help me. But that just was not the case. Not at all. They did not help, even worse, they were part of the Problem. It was also strange that my Account was suddenly blocked (unable to Post anything here in the Community).

Also, yes there are lots of popups asking stupid questions again and again.
Sometimes you can disable them, but first you need to find out where.
Today for some reason it seems really important for Norton to tell me that my Zip-Programm immediately needs to be updated
from like Version to ... really ? Is that a Joke ? Dear Norton "Mind your own Business" !

Also lately Norton affects more and more Apps on the Computer in Ways that makes them unable to function normally.
Simple File Operations are blocked (like move a file, change date/time). The App then crashes because it does not unterstand why this fails.
In the same moment a Norton Popup appears which only offers 1 Option: Remove App from Exclude List...(which means it is excluded already - but still it is blocked). Dear Norton "Are you Stupid ?" ...

I really don't understand Norton anymore.

I think in a few Years we will be unable to use it anymore, because
then the Problems will be too much. Really sad.