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Norton Utilities Premium Service Disabled

I have Norton 360 with auto re-new. I got Norton Utilities Premium, as part of my 360 subscription. My Norton 360 subscription is STILL UP AND RUNNING, but Norton site Subscription page shows that my Norton Utilities Premium Service is "Disabled". As of 09/07/2022. I tried "Changing Key". Got message that Activation was Successful. Still SAME problem. Restarted computer. SAME problem. Utilities Premium update check shows it IS up-to-date.

My Norton Utilities 16 product (fully Purchased) is STILL ACTIVE.

Do I have to Un-Install AND Re-Install Premium Utilities?? What happened to "Disable" my Utilities Premium Service. I had NO warning about losing any services. PLENTY of Notifiers about ADDING services to my Norton 360 (My Norton), which I either did NOT need, OR ALREADY HAVE.

I have Windows 8.1. ALL current Updates.

Norton Premium Up To Date.