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Norton's icons keep reappearing

Yesterday I removed the new (awful) neon yellow icon shortcut off my desktop, taskbar etc as it is just too distracting on my dark background.  This morning it reappeared.  Not only that, it inserted itself into the icons of my Asus group.  Why?  Do I need to do something else to stop this happening again?

I tried to find a way to let the company know how much I dislike their tacky 'new' neon yellow, cheap, flat look.  But, apart from this community, no one seems to care anymore.  Goodness me, even I know that other companies use 'yellow' to advertise themselves as cheap...or at least they do in New Zealand.

I've turning off their spam advertising, alarmist scam warnings on my desktop and would never consider their VPN.  However, yesterday I got a pop up that was about a quarter the size of my screen (while watching a video) just to let me know how many files they'd scanned.  What happened to Norton being discrete and not so obnoxious and 'in ya face'?  And..what's with all the spam emails?  Do they think it would make me buy something I don't need?

I've been a customer of Norton Security since Windows 95.  Their reputation was great.  But now it's just so annoying, intrusive and naggy.  They seem to be changing the company into something cheap and nasty, with little regard for their loyal customer base.  Is it that they don't want us old timers anymore?   I mean who would use their 'software/driver updater' or a 'data miner' when all you want is security software.  The company is appearing more and more like adware and bloatware.

Ok, rant over.  I'd just like to know how to keep their awful icons from appearing on my desktop and taskbar.  Hmmm, maybe I could change the icon?