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Bought new subscription, will not update

I bought Norton Security for 5 items. It installed on my Mac. I tried to install on Windows. 'Wrong account' Same username, same e-mail, 'wrong account, cannot install this product'

I bought a 5 license, but it only installed on one device. Every other device, 'wrong account'

This account allows me to install 5 times on my Mac, all good for the same year. It does not allow me to use any of my 5 licenses on any other device. And it cancelled my Mac account, then, when I reinstalled, it said I had only 1 of the 5 left, and I used it on my Mac. So only 1 install.

I have Norton running, but the Windows and Android said, 'Not for this account'

So the 5 license package is either 0 or 1 license. It keeps cancelling on my Mac, will not install on Android or Windows.

Worked last year. Does not work at all this year. Useless.



Re: Bought new subscription, will not update

Where did you purchase this subscription? Directly from Norton or from a Retailer?

Where are you trying to download your 360 on the Windows and Android devices?

You say you used the same email, are you referring to the email address for your Norton Account, or the 360 download email sent for installing your 360? The download email is only good for one install, so you have to send a separate email for each install.

For your having used 4 of your installs, you need to sign into your Norton Account and hover your cursor over the user icon at the top right and click on Manage My Subscriptions. Find your current subscription and click on Manage Licences. Remove the duplicate installs from that list by clicking on the trash can beside the entry to free up that activation. 

Once you clear up the activations, you can try entering your product key at from the device you want to install on.

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