Renewals - Automatic Renewals

I have a LifeLock™ Ultimate Plus subscription.  Every year I turn-off the automatic renewals, I've found most companies appear to panic the closer you get to your date and start sending discount options, If I clicked the big yellow RENEW button in the email, it takes me to a product page that does not offer Ultimate Plus as an option. I found a renewal page, it just kicks you back to the product page.  If you try to purchase a new subscription, it will not let you, it says you already have a subscription, you have to call the 800 number.  now you get to prove who you are 3 different ways. Took me almost 30 minutes to actually renew my subscription.  The first thing I did, post renewal, was to turn off the automatic renewal, great fun, it must have been 5 or 6 different screens begging you to stay.  Once completed I get a nice email "you've cancelled - we're sad to see you go"  My subscription is good until Oct 2023 Norton, I did not go anyplace, I just want to renew on my terms, not Nortons.